Electrocatalyst Powders

We constantly develop and manufacture new and innovative materials for use in our customers’ projects and technology development, which span multiple, varied industries. When the market demanded electrochemical systems utilising gas-diffusion electrodes, we decided to respond to this.

By developing our own high-performing range of catalyst powders for use in the production of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs) and catalyst coated membranes (CCMs), we’ve been able to successfully deliver a product that meets the market’s demand.  Our customers use these catalysts in fuel cells, batteries, water treatment technologies, water electrolysers and many more product areas.

IrO2 and IrRuO2 are both available in unsupported (catalyst black) form.  Platinum and platinum-iridium alloy catalysts are available and supported in a wide range of carbons, graphites and graphenes.

If you’d like to hear more about our electrocatalyst powders, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.