Coated Electrodes

Our coated electrodes are industry-leading, cost-effective and facilitate the development of our customers’ technologies.  We’re a facilitator to the advancement of electrochemical, low-carbon technologies.

Based on a range of nanostructured multi-layers of precious metals or mixed metal oxides (MMO), PV3 Technologies’ catalytic coatings contain active components comprising of platinum (Pt), iridium (Ir) and ruthenium (Ru).

PV3 Technologies’ nanostructured systems maximise catalytic phases and active surface area, offering significantly increased performance. We can add specific doping agents to our catalysts, which increases their overall performance further.   We’re delighted when we work with customers to optimise formulations for their specific application.

The coating technology we use on our nanostructured systems has been specifically engineered to deliver cost-effective, high-performing and reproducible products that can be utilised across a variety of projects and end markets.  Keeping our product cost-effective is an element of production that has been key to PV3’s core aims and values since our launch.

Our coated electrode technology is not shape or size limited, and has been applied to titanium, nickel and Magnéli phase titanium oxide substrates in the form of sheets, meshes, foils, powders, foams, sinters and more.

A highly-experienced and committed operations team supports our business development and R&D functions to ensure customer satisfaction. So, if you need our help to specify the optimum formulation for your application, or to assist you in meeting your cost targets, please contact us.

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