Contract R&D

Our experienced R&D team are available to work with customers on specific R&D projects, adding significant capability to your in-house team.

With skills and experience in chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science, analytical science and electrochemical engineering PV3 is uniquely placed to collaborate on R&D projects.

Some recent examples

Electrolyte for Vanadium Flow Batteries

A major chemicals trading company engaged PV3 Technologies to develop a process to make electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries.  With PV3’s experience in flow battery development and electrochemistry know-how, a scalable process was developed at litre scale within a few weeks. The process was then scaled to 1 m3/day using our pilot plant facility.  PV3 worked with our customer to prepare samples for successful evaluation by a number of vanadium flow battery developers around the world.

Multi-Electrode Coating Evaluation Rig (MECER)

A customer from North America approached us with concerns over which electrode coating to use for their particular process. Their unique chemistry meant little was known about lifetime. As well as identifying a range of options for coatings, we suggested a laboratory-based test programme to build confidence in the candidate coatings. PV3 Technologies was engaged to devise, develop and build a Multi-Electrode Coating Evaluation Rig (MECER) that enabled our customer to test a range of electrode coatings and demonstrate performance over thousands of hours, and a range of conditions.