Month: August 2020

New Member Joins the PV3 Technologies Team

Dr Claire Mitchell joins PV3 Technologies to continue the Company’s drive in new product development across coatings, catalysts and electrodes for electrochemical technologies.   Claire joins PV3 after completing her PhD in the catalysis of carbon dioxide reduction at Cardiff Univeristy.
Claire said, “It was obvious during the interviews that PV3 has the ambition to build on its impressive track record.  Being able to play a role in supporting clean-tech across a range of sectors, in Cornwall, is almost too good to believe”
PV3’s COO, Dr Nick van Dijk said, “Claire was the stand-out candidate from a short-list of extremely capable people.   As we build the team, we’re looking to bring in a wider range of skills and Claire’s background in catalyst synthesis adds to the team’s skills in engineering, electrochemistry, coating technology and battery materials.“