Month: February 2018

A Successful Davy Initiative Workshop

A successful Davy Initiative workshop for PV3 Technologies and the University of Exeter

PV3 Technologies and the University of Exeter launched The Davy Initiative in Cornwall on the 1st February 2018, with the workshop acting as a platform to bring together the major regional players in electrochemistry.
A real cross-section of talent, the workshop played host to professionals covering all corners of the industry, from minerals to systems and projects.
What followed was a successful day of networking, knowledge sharing and the pinpointing of a real commercial opportunity for Cornwall going forward.

Why was the Davy Initiative Workshop launched?

The Davy Initiative’s primary objective is to help Cornish organisations gain economic value from the increasing growth of electrochemistry’s usage in energy storage, clean fuels and med-tech. PV3 Technologies aims to drive this by raising awareness of the capability, activity and exciting potential in the county.

The workshop: collaborating with a common goal

The first speakers, reviewing the national and regional political landscapes, of the day were Cornwall Development Company, Innovate UK and the University of Warwick. The theme was very much on highlighting national and regional strategies, as well as innovation support and new opportunities in battery technology for the electrification of vehicles, which mainly resulted from the Faraday Challenge.
PV3 Technologies, along with a whole host of like-minded organisations, including Hitachi, Cornish Lithium, Cornwall New Energy, and the University of Exeter, highlighted the current capability in Cornwall and the surrounding region. A lively, positive Q&A session between the panel, Chair and audience immediately followed.
Everyone in attendance was eager, enthusiastic and ready to take hold of new opportunities in the area, so naturally there was an abundance of interaction throughout the day. With ad-hoc debates and discussion sessions taking place, people had to be dragged away from coffee and lunch breaks, which was a testament to the strength of the day’s networking.

An overall success – thanks to all that attended

David Hodgson, CEO of PV3 Technologies, said:
‘The whole day was a huge success in many ways, but I found two things particularly exciting about the workshop. The first big achievement was how we managed to bring together previously unconnected companies through a shared common interest. The second fantastic result was identifying a real strategic commercial opportunity for Cornwall – which looks to progress and develop further over the coming months.’
The immediate feedback has been extremely positive, and already there are tangible actions underway, setting even more resource sharing and collaboration in motion. We all agreed that this should be the first, and not the last, Davy Initiative Workshop.
David added: ‘Finally – I must say that the support from the University of Exeter in organising this event has been fantastic – thanks Hollie, Jaime and Jim.’