Month: December 2017

PV3 Technologies’ success in the UK Government’s Faraday Challenge.

PV3 Technologies’ success in the UK Government’s Faraday Challenge. 


Following on from the Secretary of State for BEIS, Greg Clark’s, communication last week, we are delighted to announce that PV3 Technologies has been successful with proposals to develop advanced materials for Li-ion batteries.

Dr David Hodgson, CEO, said “This is a strategic move for us as a company.  We already have products for a wide range of electrochemical technologies, but not Li-ion batteries, and these projects will allow us to develop new products for a very exciting sector.  We’ve teamed up with the  leading university research groups and industry partners in our projects, and we’re eager to get started”

“Our success in this competitive funding competition is a real endorsement of the world-class team we are building”

PV3 Technologies’ projects will aim to develop advanced cathode materials to reduce the cost and increase the energy density of Li-ion batteries, leading to cheaper electric vehicles with longer range than current models.

For further information contact:

Dr David Hodgson
PV3 Technologies Ltd

t: @pv3technologies